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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We interviewed the writer of the View from the Stands blog, Professor Carolyn Todd. She has attended 141 games in a row, both home and away and bowl games. She will most likely be our insight into PSU football this fall as, well come on who has seen more games than her.... Well that would actually be her husband who has seen 277 games in a row. Very impressive stuff. Check out the interview on the link below from Oct. 24th. And be sure to check out her blog at View from the Stands Blog

Closest City, or Actual Town You Live In

Is it ok to say you are from Pittsburgh if you're from a town 30 minutes outside of it? Is it ok to say you're from North or South Jersey instead the physical town you live in? Can you just say you're from New York and cover all of New York? We argue it out for you on a 20 minute marathon debate on Motown Mornings.
Here is out interview with Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach Steve Aird. We talked about how his #1 ranked Nittany Lions handle being the top ranked team and about their recent games.